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∙jEna nicoLe
16 September
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"When the power of LOVE

overcomes the love of POWER,

the world will know PEACE.

Yo. Jena is the name. I'm 20 and I live in Hazel Green. I have an amazing boyfriend, DAN. I pretty much work all the time .. at the coolest Donato's ever. I drive an '08 Corolla; her name is Betsy. I still like to sing and dance in public, because I'm retarded sometimes. :)

phish. gavin degraw. nickle creek. the ums. led zeppelin. elvis costello. keane. damien rice. the postal service. bob marley. dead can dance. moe. the fire theft. oar. josh woodward. radiohead. ben harper. talking heads. blur. incubus. greatful dead. peral jam. red hot chili peppers. matisyahu. dirtywhite fashion. kings of leon. kanye west. coldplay. counting crows. maroon 5. william fitzsimmons. seven mary three. weezer. blues traveler. blind melon. and you will know us by the trail of dead. jeff buckley. jimi hendrix. they might be giants. fastball. sevendust. honestly. pepper. still time. snow patrol. strangefolk. dave matthews. the mighty mighty bosstones. flight of the conchords. rage against the machine. morphine. jurassic 5. zach aston. ten ways from sunday. jack johnson. fire by night. greenday. sumblime. queens of the stoneage. soco. kyle williams. pink floyd. cba. greenday. the verve. audiovent. gorillaz. audioslave. the doors. nirvana. better than ezra. keven hambrick. a perfect circle. system of a down. john mayer. gary jules. yotokyo. foo fighters. and such--

the dark!. jellyfish. sharks. the ocean altogether. sweating. short people. chickens that are alive. flat cokes. flat tires. speeding tickets. road rage:/. road kill. school. SPANISH. waking up early. eating healthy foods. soggy cereal. soup. people that slurp in public. or make that annoying noise like scratching their plate with their fork. or scratching the chalk boards with fingernails. rainy days. loud kids. kids that cry. kids that are retarded. kids, in general. rednecks. people that dont know proper grammar. liars. cheaters. boys that cheat. boys that lie. bugs. especially things that sting/ bite/ land on me. snakes. grass. grass stains. pollen. being sick. and running out of brownies--

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